From: andreas
Subject: victim of unlawful corporation\state merger

Message Body:
i am south african and the victim of an unlawful corporation\state merger.. they are using the person i love as a gun to my head to steal my rights, to hand over my privacy and get catalogued by their illegal monopoly.. for exercising my right to have my partner live with me..

i will not sell out the person i love to them.. i will not hand over my privacy or get catalogued by them..and no person should be forced to…
i have been abused by their assets in the state for about a year now, and fear assassination… they are profiteering from violating our constitution (crimes) and i will end their illegal profiteering in the process of fighting for, and protecting, the person i love.. because it means i will be fighting for our constitution.. they will surely kill me for ending their illegal profiteering..

i have many emails showing people taking tax payer salaries who betray our constitution.. they can not explain how what they do is legal, so they break the law covering up…

i need a south african attorney, because they are using economic apartheid on me.. i am denied my constitutional right to court, illegally .. i need help protecting our constitution and by extension, all south africans..

do you know an attorney who can help me with just a brief ,so i can get an advocate to help me get to court.. before they murder me

best wishes

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